“How to Taste Like a Wine Geek” by 1WineDude

How to Taste Like a Wine Geek

Joe Roberts, the 1WineDude, has published a handy primer for those interested in learning how to experience wine like a Wine Geek, that is, for maximal mindfulness and enjoyment.  It is called How to Taste Like a Wine Geek.  It is useful for novices and also for more experienced wine enthusiasts who want to take a more systematic approach to experiencing wine.  If I were teaching a class on wine appreciation, it would be a fine accompaniment/teaching tool.  It is 42 pages long and available for the nominal fee of $7.95 in .PDF form and you can purchase it on the 1WineDude site or  you can even order it here and use your Paypal account:  (Full disclosure – I receive an affiliate percentage of each copy ordered below).

The guide is visually elegant and uncluttered and has really neat wine-related quotes on most pages.  Joe, who has attained the Certified Specialist of Wine qualification from the U.S.-based Society of Wine Educators, among other qualifications, has distilled a great deal of wine education and experience into these 42 pages. He covers sniffing, swirling, swishing, slurping, the finish, as well as other aspects of wine appreciation not having to do with physically tasting, such as how to build your wine tasting vocabulary. All in all, a neat guide.


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